Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-09-25

  • For all the weather forecasts of doom and gloom and rain and storms today, it has been sunny and lovely outside. #
  • @mark_mcguire @francesbell Thank you! #
  • @kiwicito Why such a change in schedule? #phdchat #
  • @mark_mcguire @francesbell I have not seen a reference for this; can you share a link? Thanks #change11 #eci831 #
  • @NSRiazat Yes, data analysis isn't quite something you can outsource, right? #phdchat #
  • @dbaQ8 and the same positive energy right back to you as well. #
  • @savasavasava Nearly everything troubles me about fb these days. #
  • @TechCoachScribe I find it a challenge to watch recorded sessions; they always feel so dated and removed from where I am #change11 #
  • @mark_mcguire @francesbell What is #eci831 #
  • @jupidu Congrats? Sorry? Why? #change11 #
  • I found my week got busier and busier, which meant I had to scale back my hoped-for reading of #change11 blogs and Tweets. #
  • RT @gsiemens: How to track conversations in #change11 (3 min video) // This is basic and spot-on! #
  • The sun is trying to come out. Wow, what a surprise for what was promised as a rainy day. #
  • @martin_eve Take care of yourself, and feel better. #
  • @lizith Did they? #
  • @DrGarcia Goodness, not what you want to hear. #
  • @MisaimedBrain None I know of, but since actor-network theory turns common perceptions of networks on their head, how can it not be funny? #
  • @MisaimedBrain Alas, nothing about Latour is silent! #
  • @dbaQ8 No data analysis yet; will resume transcription in another week #phdchat #
  • I have never seen that opera, though know some of the music. The MetOpera opens again on Monday, and we are seeing Nabucco on Tuesday. #
  • Drove through pounding rain and saw the product of a pretty bad accident. Glad we made it safe and sound. #

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