Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-09-18

  • @trentmkays @savasavasava True, if my #ir12 paper were accepted, I would have long-since registered and booked. Perhaps even shared a room! #
  • @ai1sa So, you wrote up your own thoughts about the narratives to help process them? #
  • @savasavasava True, it is great to attend for the learning; but without work to present, I would not feel involved enough @trentmkays #ir12 #
  • @trentmkays @savasavasava However, as I am unfunded, I cannot justify those #ir12 costs without a paper. Their loss of my income, I suppose. #
  • @trentmkays @savasavasava I really liked the people in the #ir12 group, and really enjoyed last year. #
  • @savasavasava I agree, many of the presentations are useful as well, but I just cannot justify all those costs for the papers. #
  • @trentmkays Cool; thanks for the references. #
  • @savasavasava I really wanted to attend #ir12 but my paper was not accepted, and I have trouble paying for conferences without a CV line. #
  • @GlobalHigherEd I hope so; it seemed such a great institution. #
  • @trentmkays What are your texts in the postmodernism course? #
  • @savasavasava For #ir12 #
  • @savasavasava Non-stop where? #
  • @NSRiazat What sort of work do you do? Don't think I ever heard you speak of it before. #
  • @ai1sa Can you speak a little more about this? #
  • @NSRiazat Note to self — process along the way, as there is not always time to do process otherwise. #
  • @NSRiazat Yes, wonderful time all around. Hoped to process it all this week, but work was more demanding than expected; took all my energy. #
  • @DrGarcia 😉 #
  • @trentmkays Well, great picture and @thesiswhisperer is a great resource! #
  • @sarahthesheepu @lizith At least it is still coming. #
  • @hummingbird604 I can relate completely. Sounds like my week as well. #
  • @trentmkays Goodness, you really need some R&R. #
  • @zbkoziel Prefer from paper, but do online to make processes and notes smoother #phdchat #
  • @kiwicito Hey, these things happen. Don't be too hard on yourself. #phdchat #
  • @sarahthesheepu When should it begin? @lizith #
  • @DrGarcia Love your new avatar as well! #
  • @trentmkays Like the new avatar; this seems to be a trend with many people I know. #
  • @siavogel What happened to your hand? #
  • Finished cleaning now that the contractor finished patching and reinstalling and covering all the insulation that is reachable in the attic. #

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