Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-09-15

  • Enough trying to catch up tonight. I suppose there is always tomorrow. #
  • @clairebrooks To your point, it is hard without a stated objective. Perhaps that is a place to start in a #change11 MOOC? #
  • @thesiswhisperer Yes, I am looking forward to hearing some of the #change11 speakers @trentmkays @klbz @savasavasava @ai1sa #
  • @klbz Interesting concept you blogged about with #change11 in that you feel an outsider. Why? @trentmkays @thesiswhisperer @savasavasava #
  • @rainbowhill Will do! #
  • Looking at the #change11 Twitter feed, I am reminded of my "All Friends" feed, with a few different people scattered about for diversity. #
  • @Downes Have you considered having the community engage in this, rather than your having to do it all yourself? #change11 #
  • @ianrobsons Great text. #
  • @trentmkays @thesiswhisperer @klbz @savasavasava @ai1sa I Tweeted it here #change11 #
  • @rainbowhill I can't help it; my 2nd masters was in English and I used to do proofreading for extra funds! #change11 #
  • Gotta hand it to the #change11 facilitators for again trying something big and unclear; great opportunity for some learning to occur. #
  • @juandoming Thanks for the RT concerning my question about the #change11 typos. No responses yet!! #
  • @DrGarcia That is why you are known as much wiser than me, given your sensible priorities. Only natural I follow you on Twitter! #change11 #
  • @klbz @savasavasava @ai1sa @trentmkays So, it seems I we may already know a few folks in #change11 How did you all hear about it? #
  • So, let's see how well the #change11 tag works. Where can I let the faciliator-powers-that-be (ironic?) know about a few minor MOOC typos? #
  • I am thinking of participating, as possible, in the online Change: Education, Learning, and Technology! #change11 #
  • Not sure why this week back has been such a rough adjustment, but perhaps work and travel and research has its own ebb and flow? #

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