Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-08-27

  • Goodness, all #NYC airports are also being closed tomorrow at noon. #
  • No evidence out the window of the impending hurricane, but #NYC ordered a quarter million people to evacuate and all transit stops Sat noon. #
  • Strange how there is a horrible hurricane headed directly to #NYC though outside is a picture-perfect sunny day, even with a light breeze. #
  • @kiwicito So sorry for your data loss; how much did you lose? Do you have some sort of backup? #phdchat #NVivo #
  • @OwhyOwhy @OrgMotivation @Eingang @sarahthesheepu Drinks? Dinner? Play it by ear? #phdchat #meetup #
  • @OwhyOwhy @OrgMotivation @Eingang @sarahthesheepu Not sure if there is a "normal" time, but how about 7.00 pm? #phdchat #meetup #
  • @thesiswhisperer I know you can do it. Take 5 at a time and then do something else; keep coming back and voila! #email #urgh #
  • @TheEndeavour This makes me wonder if there are any repositories of best practices or good idea examples for using #Scrivener @ScrivenerApp #
  • @tmontgomeryrn While I do find #Scrivener a bit challenging to learn, I also find it well worth it. I even use it as a note-taking app. #
  • @sonjaviv You are a fountain of interesting links; thank you so much for sharing these! #
  • @sonjaviv Excellent post; thanks for sharing it. #
  • @macboyx and tomorrow is another day #fb #
  • @sonjaviv So true; that is what I try not to engage in aloud. Self-moderation as an element of how we present ourselves. #
  • @savasavasava You are certainly cryptic this evening. #
  • @savasavasava Why? #
  • @TheEndeavour @thesiswhisperer @ScrivenerApp @anitranot How do you use it to find these interconnected ideas? #
  • @thesiswhisperer Most excellently stated about #Scrivener #phdchat #
  • @tmontgomeryrn I found #Scrivener hard to adapt to, since I had hegemonicly learned to think as MSWord forced me. #PhDchat #
  • @thesiswhisperer What do you like most about @ScrivenerApp (in 140 characters or less, of course!)? @anitranot @TheEndeavour #
  • @sonjaviv Along these lines, I tell I client I am working with to not think of "having to" Tweet. Tweeting is processing thoughts in public #
  • @sonjaviv Most excellent; welcome to the Twitterverse. More accurately, thanks for sharing! #

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