Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-08-26

  • @MikeStorrings What did you like about that show? #
  • @OrgMotivation @Eingang @OwhyOwhy @sarahthesheepu So, how about a #phdchat #meetup on Sat 3 Sept at in the evening? #
  • @OrgMotivation Thanks for that pub recommendation seems great @Eingang @OwhyOwhy @sarahthesheepu #
  • @lizith Thank you; will look for a future visit! @orgmotivation @sarahthesheepu @owhyowhy @lba_ox12 #
  • Mayor Bloomberg just told #NYC to prepare for NO subways or buses beginning Sat afternoon through Monday morning. Irene is a monster. #
  • #NYC just said that 5 hospitals in low areas will begin evacuation tomorrow due to Hurricane Irene. Scary. #
  • Did I just hear right that #NYC will suspend all MTA services if NYC gets hit by Irene as a Category 1 storm? Subways and buses will stop? #
  • Surprised by how strongly officials in #NYC are considering evacuating hundreds of thousands in parts of the city due to Hurricane Irene. #

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