Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-08-06

  • So nice to see the learners in class today speak so well about what they accomplished in their final projects. #
  • @lizgloyn Excellent! #
  • @JeffreyKeefer has been on Twitter longer than 99.77% of all other Twitter users. // this can lead to nifty reflection! #
  • @aeratcliffe Ahh, an intro without conversation? Sounds eerily like my F2F life. #
  • @aeratcliffe You did a one-Tweet bio and used the #lrnchat hash. #
  • @DrGarcia I have been to Burlington once, for my cousin's wedding. I liked the city. And state. #
  • @MikeStorrings Welcome back. What are some of your best memories from the #GoldenGlow convention? #
  • @aeratcliffe Why the one-Tweet bio? #
  • Today is our last F2F class of the semester in Pace University's DNP Program. #
  • @NSRiazat Thanks! #
  • @MisaimedBrain What is Derp? #
  • @gawbul Not wants to turn itself off due to good thinking, or is it more anxiety about it? #phdchat #
  • @aeratcliffe Surprised to hear about that; what does SL say about that? Any other similar reports? #
  • @aeratcliffe I do not think #Netflix has a good enough selection of Internet access videos to justify the costs. #
  • @aeratcliffe Not sure, but I have both so think it is scheduled to increase. #
  • About to enjoy an order of fries and jalepeno poppers at Julius Bar in #NYC #

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