Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-07-15

  • @GinaLuttrell Looking at liminal experiences in doctoral students who encounter a-ha moments. #
  • @GinaLuttrell I have my topic and such listed on my blog – and am about to look for participants. #
  • @GinaLuttrell Can you tell I have used a Blackberry with a full keyboard for years?! #
  • @GinaLuttrell Goodness, have not seen all the abbreviations used in Tweets before; took me a few reads to get it. #
  • @naomi_jacobs Sounds interesting. Can you talk about what you mean by "transgressive bodies" there? #phdchat #
  • @lizith @naomi_jacobs Wonderful. Can you share one thing that you are taking away with you?#phdchat #
  • @qui_oui @savasavasava I thought YOU might appreciate that!! BTW, I am traveling to Montreal for my first time in September. #
  • @savasavasava In a number of ways it reminds me of Chicago; they try so hard to be like #NYC #
  • @MargaretJeanArt Thank you for the hotel recommendations! You have stayed at all of them? #
  • @LBA_OX12 I looked all over for it, but think I did something wrong; could not locate. Can you share a link? Thanks! #phdchat #
  • @dbaQ8 Got it. So, when will you upload an avatar and a description? #
  • @GinaLuttrell Excellent. What is your topic? #
  • @jimmejardine Would love to try it as soon as you offer a Mac version of it. #
  • @aeratcliffe Any specific one? Thanks! #phdchat #
  • I have thus far left the office each day this week with #InboxZero #
  • I jumped on the train that was in he station to meet a colleague downtown for lunch. However, wrong train. Almost ended up in Brooklyn. #
  • Beautiful morning here in #NYC right now. Looking forward to the walk to the office. #
  • @qui_oui @savasavasava Sounds great. I know Toronto a bit, though have not ventured too far afield except to the airport! #
  • @aeratcliffe @hummingbird604 @shelzangel @savvyOD I have not used either, so will look forward to your review! #phdchat #
  • @savasavasava Seems a little on the scary / shady side. Perhaps I am a traditionalist after all? #
  • @savasavasava @qui_oui How cool. Where are you in Canada, anyway? #
  • @shaileshak @janiewoodsie That text by Trafford and Leshem is fantastic! #phdchat #
  • @savasavasava How is Canada treating you? #
  • @savasavasava What is that? #phdchat #
  • @naomi_jacobs Most excellent. From my limited experience to that over the past couple of years, it seems a fantastic area of study #phdchat #
  • @protoscholar You make it seem so quick and easy! #phdchat #
  • @SueFolley I have never been successful in creating Excel-based Gantts. #phdchat #
  • @SarahR_H I will look forward to it! #phdchat #
  • @GinaLuttrell Yes, I do know of his work. I almost studied at CIIS; seems like a wonderful institution. What are you working on now? #
  • I am beginning to look for a hotel for the first weekend in September in London. Any reasonable recommendations? #phdchat #

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