Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-05-22

  • I love the many photos linked to the #rapturebomb hash. Quite clever. #
  • That movie I saw last night, The Social Network, has really been bothering me today. Perhaps that nagging is the mark of a good film? #
  • The elevator to the new 3rd floor mens dept at J Crew on 5th moves so slowly that we will end up in next season. #
  • I have never been known for fashion sense, but who wears these clothes at Paul Smith? #
  • NYU just moved student + faculty email to Google. There goes any shred of privacy we had. Wonder how much they sold out for? #
  • RT @PhDelly: Suggested PhD Topics in human rights: #PhD #PhDChat // Fascinating list of potential topics #
  • Nice early morning weekend start to tackle ethical application for my research #phdchat #
  • Isn't today the day those nuts thought the world ends? Sick irony as it is the nicest morning in weeks. #
  • Not sure what that big orange orb in the sky is. I thought rain and clouds was the new norm. #
  • Did I see that right? Gas at my bell weather station just went down 6 cents? #
  • RT @kiwicito: Sharing my research design publicly for the first time! #phdchat What'ya all think? #

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