Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-05-17

  • Now a quick break, and then I will finish the other section; I already gathered the materials and specs . . . #phdchat #
  • Just finished revising one section of my thesis proposal that I was requested to edit. Odd, I thought that stuff was already there #phdchat #
  • Proposal is difficult due to a completely nonworking #Papers2 No replies from #papersapp to any of my emails, posts, or Tweets #phdchat #
  • Revising my thesis proposal for a supervision meeting tomorrow morning #phdchat #
  • Finished coding the focus groups and organizing the codes. Tomorrow I will write up the findings. #
  • Have been coding and presenting initial findings all morning. Need to generate a final report of findings for tomorrow. #
  • Coding focus group data for a work project. #
  • I think #Papers2 freezes have been influenced by Manuscripts shortcut. When I disable, seems to work better. #papersapp #phdchat #

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