Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-05-03

  • When I renewed my subscription to the #Chronicle of Higher Education, I think I accidentally did a 2 year renewal #phdchat #
  • I can't believe I finally make it to the library and now, only a week later, one of the books I took out gets recalled. Rrrrrr. #
  • Anybody else get a sense that the Osama Bin Laden experience will lead to some engaging #autoethnography #phdchat #
  • Final two shirts to iron ahead of me. Goodness, with what I am wearing, I am already stacking the pile with more. #
  • 2/3 of ironing done. #
  • CHecking some Tweets here and there between ironing shirts and trousers. Hey, they don't iron themselves. #
  • Did I hear correctly that Osama Bin Laden was already buried at sea? No body to show; do I smell conspiracy theory? #
  • RT @WNYC: NYPD tells WNYC that all police "are reminded to remain alert" following death of Osama Bin Ladin. But no specific threat>Really?! #
  • Is it too early to demand to see the body of Osama Bin Laden? Perhaps send it on tour with the first stop: New York? #
  • RT @christiepooh @jesus: Sorry, you're at the wrong gate, Osama. #

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