Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-04-26

  • Just learned about this interesting new journal, the Journal of Organizational Ethnography #phdchat #
  • Farewell, GoDaddy. I will march with my credit card to another domain host. Wonder how I missed this story when it came out? #
  • Time for me to switch domain hosts after the horrible image of the great white hunter sitting on an elephant he killed, after justifying it. #
  • founder criticized by PETA for elephant-hunting video – #cnn // I won't do business with elephant killers. #
  • GoDaddy CEO Shoots Elephant, Injures Brand [VIDEO] via @mashbusiness @mashable #
  • Now that my residential, holiday, holidays, and jet-lag are over, time to fully reengage with my research #phdchat #

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