Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-04-12

  • Time to pack everything away to change #Virgin trains. Did I hear anybody say refund? #
  • So, the train will be put out of service, so we will wait for the next #Virgin train in Preston (which will also be full). RRRRRRRRRR #
  • So, a Virgin Manager (sounds kinda funny like that!) came and made a temporary fix. The train is now moving, though rather slowly. #
  • OK, Virgin Trains, we are still broken down and just had a second one pass us. #WTF #
  • OK, the train crew just came by and offered me some wine. Hey, red wine, air conditioning, and wifi; could be worse. #
  • Goodness, serious problem with Virgin Train brakes. We need to be rescued by another engine from Preston. Seems will be delayed for hours? #
  • OK, the Virgin train has now stopped before Preston, something about a brake issue. Goodness, and all this with my having an empty glass! #
  • Eating a wonderful goat cheese and caramelized onion quiche with wild rice, quinoa, apricot, and pumpkin seed salad on the train to #Lancs #
  • I love taking fast trains through the British countryside, what with all the green fields dotted with sheep and cows. #
  • Nice timing, 17 minutes into my train toward #Lancaster it is beginning to rain. Hard to imagine I just ate outside in beautiful sunlight. #
  • I spent the day in London at the British Library and then had a lovely lunch at St. Pancras Station. Fantastic, sunny day. #

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