Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-02-06

  • Hurray, I just reached #InboxZero which was my SMART goal for today. Yippee!! #
  • I made bread while attending to the roof. Now, after a few slices, back outside in the freezing rain to handle the back roof. #
  • Time to go pick up and deal with that roof. #
  • RT @PatParslow: Wise words from @cristinacost on the purpose of education #
  • My one SMART goal for today is #InboxZero Today's tasks include roof snow, an application, thesis proposal, & transcription #phdchat #
  • Is there a simple app for expressing goals for the day, as opposed to just tasks that need to be worked on? #phdchat #
  • Time to get the fire going, as it is snowing outside. Need some warmth before I go and tackle the roof. Again. #
  • As the #Mendeley video references your #NYC office (that I pass while I walk to work), when do you host visitors? #
  • RT @rvidal: RT @jasonhoyt: RT @McDawg: Great new talk by @mendeley_com abt #mendeley (video) #
  • RT @loriken7: Submissions now open for IR 12.0. See the website: #ir12 // #phdchat #
  • After a week working well, again having #Mendeley syncing issues. When I delete pdfs from some records and sync, they reappear #phdchat #

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