Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-12-31

  • Phew. Now for 2 days off (i.e., catch-up time). #
  • I finally left the office at 7:45 this evening. I caught up in 2 projects in which I have been behind. #
  • What a busy last day before the holiday weekend. Hardly time for a Tweet! #
  • Anybody see the Apple preview of Mac OS X Lion #
  • Listening to Li Rosignox (Teobaldo I Rey de Navarra 1201-1253), Eduardo Paniagua Group . Album is Danzas Medievales EspaƱolas. Fantastic. #
  • Renewed my membership to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park Conservancy. Both are vital to me as a New Yorker and as a person. #
  • Wow, this is my 60th public Tweet today (not counting a few Direct Tweets along the way). Goodness, I had a lot to say ? #

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