Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-12-22

  • Joyous Yule to you and yours. #
  • The verdict? Bronchitis. Just started antibiotics and then methylprednisolone as soon as food. Will follow-up with 2 inhalers. What a mess. #
  • Hope I am not being a thorn in #Mendeley folks' side; it is the strongest product I have seen in a while and I want it to work well #phdchat #
  • I think #Mendeley is not formatting book chapters correctly per APA 6 7.02 25 & 26. Cannot get the chapter title in the reference. #phdchat #
  • Beating myself up trying to correct #Mendeley How on earth to fix multiple author names in Document Details? Why no instructions? #phdchat #
  • Last week was so busy it nearly did me in. Think the bronchitis I think I may have is a horrible by-product. #
  • Are there no research or content tools that will maintain inserted notes in PDFs and then allow you to search these notes? #phdchat #
  • #Mendeley renamed my files even though I did not have the "Rename document files" checked. Rrrr. #phdchat #
  • Sick; need to call the doctor this morning as I limp to the office. #

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