Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-12-12

  • Good sign for the economy. Walked in to Cafe Loup on 13th St. and they could not seat our table of 3. Packed at 7:00. . #
  • I just saw Elijah Wood ON 7th Ave. He is one of the few stars I think I recognize. Yes, his eyes are really that piercing. #
  • New Blog Post: Internet Research 12.0 (2011) Call for Papers #ir12 #AoIR #
  • Glad to see #ir12 already has a Twitter stream with followers at @ir12. Let the collaboration begin! #
  • Wonder if I missed an email about #ir12 or if perhaps it is recently available at and the buzz begins before the PR? #
  • The #AoIR 2011 conference website for Internet Research 12 #ir12 is now available #
  • Getting a bagel toasted and buttered at 'Snice in #NYC #

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