Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-12-03

  • TOo late to begin laundry, but there is only so long I should really put it off. #
  • I have an early day tomorrow. Nice way to end the week. #
  • Seems #ICQI #QI11 just extended the deadline for abstracts. There may be hope yet. #
  • Does anybody use RefWorks to manage bibliographic references? #phdchat #phd #
  • I am planning to try a number of the reference management apps that were discussed yesterday during #phdchat #
  • RT @JaneDavis13: @Eingang your profile makes your research activity look fascinating! #Phdchat / / All except the blond desccriptor! #
  • RT @klang67: @JeffreyKeefer haha know what you mean! Its like a constant cocktail party. Interesting when you are in the mood = Twitter. #
  • Need to unfollow those who Tweet a lot, though never to me. #
  • Ahh, perhaps the problem is that I again am following too many people on Twitter? Too much to read makes it easy to fall behind. #
  • Catching up on reading Tweets from yesterday. How can I respond to them now that the context is historical and we are in a different place? #
  • Too bad I could not submit for #ICQI as I have really enjoyed the Qualitative Congress. Alas–no paper, no attendance. #
  • Yes, they were fantastic. I never felt the vocal range as hearing that variety of male voices in that space. #
  • #Chanticleer was amazing at the #MetMuseum How could it be any better than in the Medieval Sculpture Hall? #

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