Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-21

  • Enjoyed a lovely bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape with dinner. #
  • Isn't it nice that the pope can tell people it is ok to have safe sex, but somehow it is still wrong to be gay #
  • RT @KentBottles: Pope approves use of condoms to fight AIDS #
  • Why can't I find bottles of chewable #Rolaids any longer? Did they stop making them? #
  • Ok, enough time around the house. If I do not get to the market soon, we will have to gather grass and twigs for dinner. #
  • Now that I am caught up with Tweets and Facebook, time to open the blinds around the house. Wow, can see the lake now! #
  • Seems the #phdchat is at 7:30 pm GMT on 24 Nov #phd on #research #paradigms #
  • As people may join the #phd #phdchat from all over, we may need to include timezones with times and dates as best practice. #
  • First time up in the country in several weeks. Called to the chickadees, yet they have not yet responded. #
  • RT @helinur: @suifaijohnmak @zaidlearn I will continue #PLENK2010 and my reason is: just for fun #
  • 23 degrees F outside now. Glad the sky is clear. #

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