Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-19

  • Let's see, what to do for a quick supper? Need to get back to my research project (that is due very very very soon). #
  • I just bought my first Bealtes song on iTunes – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. #
  • Anybody know a way to take some educational shorts on a dvd and format them for playback on an iPod? #
  • Of course, why would the US join with 52 other nations to have some celebration of it? #
  • Cool, today is UNESCO International Philosophy Day Wish they would have publicized it more. #
  • Ah, their computer crashed so they are missing all sorts of appointments. Rrrr. Rescheduled for Tuesday. #
  • I know I have a haircut appointment tonight, but they cannot find me in the book. #
  • The trouble with tagging is that it assumes we all think about the same content in the same way. #
  • It is online via Elluminate and focused on Diigo. #
  • Attending an online presentation by @niklas_karlsson on Social bookmarking for learning with students in an international context. #

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