Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-17

  • At my organization's awards ceremony. Found I am receiving 2 awards. #
  • At NYU College of nursing to review the slides I worked on all day yesterday. #
  • I have a work function this evening, so the second time in a month a suit has to come out. #
  • How did gas go up $0.06 a gallon since yesterday? #smfh #
  • RT @michaelzimmer: – Apple Finally Snares Beatles #itunes / Sgt. Pepper, here I come! #
  • Finally done with chores. Could not imagine how people function if they have kids. #
  • Time to catch up on some ironing. #
  • Finally finished a draft set of slides for work. Can't believe I worked on them all night. #
  • I just stopped following somebody who has 5 times the number of Tweets I have. So busy talking leaves little time to read the work of others #

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