Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-15

  • Ahh, that now raises the screen. Frightening images of domination now projected on it. Now I see. #MIXNYC #
  • Not sure I get the ritual piercing and attaching to strings. #MIXNYC #
  • About to begin. Amazing how this is coming together so nicely. #MIXNYC #
  • How do you spell svitching? #
  • All these people in this room is making it roast. Why am I the only one wearing my jacket (ok, vest)? Where did everybody put them? #MIXNYC #
  • Perhaps about to begin; the police tape roll just came out. #MIXNYC #
  • This community would make for a number of fascinating research projects. The rich diversity of experiences is powerful. #MIXNYC #
  • Interesting how young much of the crowd is here. Wonder if the loss of one or two generations to AIDS plays a role? #MIXNYC #
  • Oops; out of place again wearing Ralph Lauren this time. Perhaps fitting in is all in our minds? Yes, that is a theme throughout. #MIXNYC #
  • Smells like church in here. Not that church, however. #MIXNYC #
  • If I can get through this, my doctoral thesis will be a piece of cake. #
  • Let the Radical Faerie drumming ritual under the gay fruit tree begin, especially now that I have some red sangria in hand. #MIXNYC #
  • On my way to the closing ritual and final film of #MIXNYC #
  • Bought fresh pasta and sauce for dinner, with Veniero's for dessert. All scheduled before attending the ending of #MIXNYC tonight. #
  • More tickets for L. A. Zombie to close #mixnyc have just been added for another screening tonight at 10:00pm #
  • RT @JaneDavis13: @JeffreyKeefer one just refers to #Phd the other refers to a conversation. So this would be a #phdchat #
  • Just re-subscribed to NetFlix to use with my new Apple TV. #
  • Time for bed. Will listen to Alexis Jordan's Happiness (Jump Smokers Extended Mix) one more time. What is 17 times in a row between friends? #
  • I have to get this little project out of the way. Hey, that is a good goal for this evening. #
  • Blast from the past; Nirvana's All Apologies came out 17 years ago. Wow, how different are we, really? #
  • I just bought a song I heard last night – Happiness by Alexis Jordan. Wow, what a great dance piece. #
  • Anybody know what the difference between the tags #PhD and #PhDChat #
  • I wanted to buy a ticket for the final film of #mixnyc L. A. Zombie, but the online pre-sales tickets are not available. #

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