Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-14

  • With the album artwork on Apple TV, I can envision this as useful when company comes for music. People can see the covers with the music. #
  • I finally just hooked up Apple TV. Absolutely amazing. I love how everything from iTunes can stream there. #
  • Few options with bagels. Perhaps late in the day to get one. #
  • RT @intrepidteacher: Sometimes if you get to know and are nice to complete strangers they become your friends. Pretty simple really. #
  • Went to get the laundry out of the washers only to find one washer broken. Alas, have to do that load again. #
  • Time to clean up. Just put the laundry in. #
  • I think Spencer jumped wrong off the chair a few days ago, as he now has a little limp. Have to go and refill some meds for the little guy. #
  • The doggies let me sleep late this morning. Perhaps walking them very late helped. #
  • Just bought a book at St Mark's Bookshop. Have not been there for years, though always recalled it as being magical and smart. #
  • Perhaps time for a sweet at Veniero for the walk across town? #
  • Had my fill of #MIXNYC for the evening. The final films of tonight look good, but I need to catch up on some sleep. Lots to process. #

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