Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-10

  • Just walked by a church where they are having a Kristallnacht Memorial Service. #
  • Can not take the stress knots in my back any longer; need a massage. #
  • Need a coffee; the fellows in the cart by work had an unusually long line of a dozen people earlier. #
  • RT @JaneDavis13: #Phd RT @phdcomics: Talking about what to talk about, in the latest comic: #
  • Anybody know how to clear read Tweets in #UberTwitter #
  • At least I got up on time this morning. Thus far, no rushing. Just wait . . . #
  • Just heard that former President Bush's new memoir is out today. Supposedly he still defends waterboarding in it. #
  • RT @gconole: Cloudworks has gone open source! check out CloudEngine #
  • Did not get that much done tonight after all. Spent a lot of time with my new neti pot and the cool Tibetan hats I bought. Free Tibet! #

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