Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-04

  • Just signed up to take 3 sessions between 2 Apple Stores this weekend. #
  • Thinking about re-subscribing to NetFlix and getting an Apple TV. #
  • Tonight will be a late night of work. Time for some very loud music. #
  • I have been working on irb submissions all day. Thankfully, the feedback has been overall positive. #
  • Overheard quote of the day; "Sorry for having an opinion." Alas, I was the only one who thought it were funny. #
  • RT @tbogg: A disconsolate Meg Whitman refuses to concede. Just sits there clicking Buy It Now button over and over and over #ulostdealwithit #
  • Attending an early (for me) webinar, so about to leave for the office. #
  • Struggling staying awake and getting work done tonight. Perhaps will have to call it a night. #

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