Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-10-26

  • Second intermission out of the way. On with the butchery. #
  • It is so hot here at the #MetOpera Feels more like we are watching The Damnation of Faust. #
  • What a lovely evening outside on the #MetOpera terrace. #
  • Would it be too much to ask to have some happy opera about Russian history? All of the Russian operas I have seen are heavy and somber. #
  • Watching Boris Godunov at the #MetOpera and we are now in the first of the two intermissions. It will be a long night. #
  • Goodness, where has the day gone? Have to go get ready got Boris Godunov tonight at the #MetOpera #
  • Running errands, and then will finish uploading pictures and processing emails. #
  • I need to reframe what outside commitments / expectations to which I can attend when engaging at conferences. Lesson from #ir11 #
  • Surprised, but glad, that the laundry room right now is completely empty and unused, at least beyond the 2 machines I just used. #
  • RT @cnnbrk: Fired NPR analyst slams former employer — WHat a mess. #
  • Did I mention how happy I am that I took today off 🙂 #
  • Awoke this morning congested and with a headache, though I did finally see the terminology I needed for my literature review project ahead. #

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