Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-10-25

  • Trying to finish refining a literature review project I have to do for school, and am struggling for specific words. Still too broad. #
  • Where on earth did I put my return ticket to NY Penn? #smfh #
  • I love the Global Entry Trusted Traveler Program. Took 5 minutes total from deplaning to clearing security and customs. #
  • Just landed at Newark Liberty, and approaching the gate. Ahh, NYC my love . . . #
  • Here begins the 8 1/2 flight. Cheers, all! #ir11 #
  • I was just notified from the #Continental flight attendant that she has my special meal (I requested vegetarian). Excellent. #
  • Hard to believe I awoke at 3:30 am in Gothenburg, flew to Copenhagen, and should land in Newark by noon (local time). #
  • Boarded the #Continental flight to New York (Newark) after #ir11 Have I mentioned how much I love New York any time recently? #
  • RT @4KM: 1st #woman head of state in Africa-Ellen Sirleaf-a figure of profound hope for Africa /via @jranck #
  • Arrived in Copenhagen. Waiting to deplane. Hehe — DePlane!! #
  • Sitting on the plane on route to Copenhagen and then to New York. Booking a flight at 6:35 this morning made sense at the time. smfh #ir11 #
  • Through security and doing pretty well for 50 minutes of sleep last night after a double plus good #ir11 #

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