I am a Mentor in the Foundations of CoP Course

I am very happy to share that I am one of the 4 mentors in the Fall 2010 Foundations of Communities of Practice workshop that is sponsored by CPsquare. In this capacity, I will work with workshop leaders Etienne Wenger, John Smith, and Bronwyn Stuckey and fellow mentors Joost Robben, Monique Léger, and Paul Lowe.

I have worked with all of these colleagues before, though never in the capacity of a mentor. While I will have a lot to share and explore in my own work, I will keep this brief as I have not yet posted my own introduction to the workshop. Ahh, the busy life of one who is interested in so many things related to teaching and learning from a distance!

6 thoughts on “I am a Mentor in the Foundations of CoP Course

    1. Thank you, Moira.

      In some ways, now is an even better time for me to work with this, as I have a specific project at work that I am engaged with that involves creating and then supporting a community of practice. I suppose this came at the best possible time.

      Alas, I time is something about which I need more!

      Have you ever attended the CP2 Foundations?


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