Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-08-18

  • Making some changes to travel plans in two weeks. Should make the trip a bit more interesting. #
  • RT @smithjd: Pulling together the sessions for CPsquare's SEEDING 2.0 conference #
  • I am at Trader Joe's, and the two lines are so long that there are people with flags at the back of the store to show where the line ends. #
  • We had our full evacuation fire drill. Very good practice for something I hope we never need. #
  • Lots of managing paperwork this morning. We have a full (walk down 17 floors) fire drill this afternoon. #
  • Metropolitan Opera #MetOpera sets new ticket record for opening day #
  • The #Mac #MagicTrackPad works well, unless your fingers have hand cream on them, are greasy, wet, or otherwise not dry and smooth? #

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