Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-08-12

  • Can anybody recommend a good ftp program for the #Mac? Not sure I want to invest in another copy of #Dreamweaver. #
  • I just installed #SnagIt #Mac Beta Sweet. #
  • #Apple on 14th St. In #NYC has the Magic Trackpad in stock and on the shelf. Sweet. #
  • Headed to the #Apple store to look at the Magic Trackpad again. #
  • Finally, the #NYC #MTA bus. Wow, the ac in here is fantastic. Go, Mayor Mike! #
  • OK, have been waiting for the bus to the train for 20 minutes now. I do not mind the 92 degree humid direct sunshine, but little sunscreen. #
  • Headed back to Manhattan, with a lot of focus group data to analyze. #
  • RT @MackCollier: You know what will rock? When companies stops thinking about social as a strategy, and just view it as what they are. #
  • Can anybody recommend a basic intro to focus group data analysis? Want to send some links to some colleagues who want more background info. #
  • Facilitating 3 focus groups in our Queens office this morning. I actually like visiting this office. #

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