Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-07-12

  • Even though the song is so seasoned, I am still hypnotized by Orinoco Flow. I love #Enya. #
  • Writing about and using grounded theory. I really like Kathy Charmaz's work. #
  • Ever read "everything" in an area, just to find at the last moment there is something else significant out there that changes everything? #
  • Home working on my paper that is due tonight. Tonight means before I go to sleep . . . #
  • I am so tired, but it will be a long night tonight. #
  • My BlackBerry holster broke, so carrying it is now not fun. At least I did not lose it. The replacement should arrive this evening. #
  • Ahh, time to leave for the office. Still some touches remain for my paper to be submitted tonight. #

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