Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-07-08

  • About to begin my class; looking forward to the student individual benchmarks this evening. #
  • Goodness; air conditioners come with digital temperature settings and timers. I suppose it was time to change . . . #
  • Hurray, the new ac is about to be wheeled in. #
  • Booked my hotel for #ir11 in Göteborg, Sweden, for #AoIR – Quality Hotel Panorama. Get them while they are hot!! #
  • Ahh, seems the hotels for #ir11 #AoIR are booked for check-in on Saturday, though if you check in earlier, they seem ok. Phew!! #
  • How can most of the #AoIR #ir11 hotels already be fully booked for the Saturday night? Time to scramble. #
  • Waiting at home for the new air conditioner to arrive. Hurray — time for more transcription. #
  • Already been up for 2 hours, walking the dogs and putting final touches on my class prep for tonight. MBA classes are somewhat demanding. #
  • Slides complete for tomorrow's (oops, tonight's) class. Goodness . . . #
  • I just finished my ironing for the week. No, this was not a distraction, but a fact of no room for a pile of clean laundry in a small apt. #

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