Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-06-12

  • If people have thousands of friends on FB, wonder if they notice if they get unfriended? Let's try something . . . #
  • Strong thunder and lightning storms outside now. Perhaps that should be enough to convince me to retire my typing for the evening? #
  • Finished at the market; now time to stack all that firewood before it rains again. At least I will get some exercise today, I suppose. #
  • Just saw a deer and a tiny little baby deer walking in the street. How adorable. #
  • OK, time for sleep. A lot of stacking of fire wood awaits me tomorrow. #
  • Just removed 4 people from my mostly limited FB account. Hey, if we never comment to one another, why bother? #
  • Have been a bit off of Twitter today; focused on my research project and just busy end-of-the-week. #

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