Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-06-01

  • I just cannot "collect" Facebook or Twitter friends; too overwhelming to read people who I am really not interested in personally. #
  • I did just cleaned my Facebook contacts a bit, since I tend to only follow people who I am interested in or otherwise really read. #
  • I do not use Facebook much, but started to a bit more after #icqi10 #qi2010. #
  • Amazing how working in a collaborative learning group, while studying collaborative learning, can be such a challenge. #
  • Ahh, just submitted our slides and cover sheet, and just in time to actually enjoy a bit of the holiday. #
  • Still working on this course assignment that is due today. Rrrrrrrr. #
  • Working on a collaborative class assignment that is due by the end of the day. Concerned about its getting completed in time and quality. #
  • Finally home and overwhelmed with the amount of laundry that I have to work on. #

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