Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-05-02

  • We are engaging in a Skype video in a conference room during our @CPsquare #cp2aal. #
  • We are about to have a live online chat in the @cpsquare session at #cp2aal about the developing PhD group. DT me is interested. #
  • I was successfully able to streamline my intro in the #cp2aal unconference @cpsquare #
  • Did I mention recently that I hate the CoP term Legitimate Peripheral participation – to say the term "legitimate" implies illegitimacy. #
  • Fascinating to hear about Webheads in Action, the online community of practice. #
  • It is fascinating to hear the stories of how the @cpsquare members here at #cp2aal did what they did to become who they are. #
  • We have an informal pre-conference / unconference for @cpsquare in @Aalborg. Any other members or those interested? Come join us. #
  • We are using a website that allows for shared notetaking in real time – #
  • Just heard @smithjd talk about network weaving; interesting new concept for me to explore a little more. #
  • Enjoyed breakfast before the #CP2 pre-conference. Now, where did everybody go? #

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