Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-04-30

  • It seems in Germany and Denmark, they serve wine with a glass of water or seltzer. I like that. #
  • Just saw a group of 4 guys order a bottle of Jack in an ice bucket. Do I smell early hang over? #
  • Found a place for a drink where there is no smoking. Started to feel wine deprived. #
  • Goodness, does everybody smoke in #Copenhagen? #
  • Found my way to the correct train. 3 more stops. #
  • The #Copenhagen train station person asked me to enter my pin for my credit card. Pin for a credit card? WTF?! Already 2 hassles. #
  • #Copenhagen Airport is difficult to navigate. How about some exit signs? #
  • Had to be at least 80 F when I left #Munich. #Copenhagen is perhaps 45 F. #
  • Just arrived in #Copenhagen. Waiting to get off the plane. Too bad is cloudy here, as this afternoon is my only time to explore the city. #
  • First time I have ever completely finished a presentation well before arriving in the host city. #
  • Waiting at the airport, I finished preparing for my paper presentation on Tuesday. I already built the text-light slides before I left. #
  • The #Lufthansa lounge in #Munich is brand new, though no free wifi — one has to pay for it. WTF?! #
  • The S1 to the airport in#Munich separates at a Neufahm, with the front half going onward, and the rear heading on to the airport. Clever. #
  • Enjoyed #Munich. Now, back to the airport for the next leg: #Copenhagen. #

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