Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-04-01

  • Fell asleep after I unpacked, and after eating, back to sleep. Need to catch up with the time here in NY. #
  • I love the new Trusted Traveler program. Customs and immigration are so much smoother. #
  • Hello, New York. Still approachong the gate. #
  • Bye, Scotland. #
  • On the plane back to New York. Will be a full load today. #
  • Had to check my carry-on bag. Rrrrrr. #
  • The plane just came to the gate; wonder if we will still leave and thus arrive on time into Newark? #
  • I like how they check luggage and do a pat down on passengers flying to the US. I wish airport security in the US were more aggressive, too. #
  • Forgot how early one has to get up for an international flight. #

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