Jeffrey’s Tweet Cloud for a Year

I just used Tweet Cloud to generate a cloud of the most frequently used words of mine over the past year, and think this is a nifty way of offering a (quantitative) visual snapshot of what I tend to talk about.

Tweet Cloud 112909

The words are, in order of most used, are:

  • blog
  • post
  • research
  • time
  • office
  • class
  • thank
  • project
  • online
  • finally
  • morning
  • tonight
  • conference
  • week
  • getting
  • paper
  • people
  • learning
  • night
  • home
  • tomorrow
  • evening
  • love
  • outside
  • comment
  • rain
  • hope
  • lunch
  • comments
  • autoethnography
  • meeting
  • email
  • wonder
  • wonderful
  • late
  • nice
  • practice
  • course
  • dinner
  • finished
  • updates
  • qualitative
  • music
  • feedback
  • coffee
  • enjoy
  • wish
  • sounds
  • wine
  • busy
  • blackberry
  • teaching
  • waiting
  • little
  • jeffreys
  • feel
  • final
  • read
  • business
  • manhattan

2 thoughts on “Jeffrey’s Tweet Cloud for a Year

  1. Hi Jeffrey!
    Very interesting this cloud. Shows a lot about you, don’t you think?
    I would like to know what are my most used words…Actually, this cloud reminds a child’s play (not just child ;)) that I used to do.
    I remember when was at school and when I got bored I started writing random list with words from the teacher or anywhere, then reading outloud.
    Good memory.
    Take care,

    1. Ana –

      Great memories! Do you use Twitter? This is a tool that will work with it, depending on the amount of time you tell it to cloud.

      Another option, even from blog posts, is to try the tool Wordle; it would be interesting to see what your work over the last few months shows about what you write!


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