(Online) Identity in Postmodernity

I am starting to be a little restless with my blog byline recently; perhaps it no longer fits me or I have outgrown it. The wonderful thing about websites is that they can grow and develop with us.

My current one is:

Research and Practice in Postmodern Learning

This combines my educational research focus with my need to integrate my learning with practice, coupled with a worldview that is increasingly postmodern. Now, almost a year into my doctoral studies, with my professional practice filled with project management, teaching, conferences, and publishing; it may be time for a change.

I want something that will integrate my degree focus, E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning, into this, while still allowing for my academic interests in qualitative research designs, autoethnography and narrative inquiry, and transformative learning as an experience in critical identity formation. Having recently been influenced by the term postmodernity in the text Identity in Question, I am considering:

(Online) Identity in Postmodernity

This feels right to me; what do you think?

2 thoughts on “(Online) Identity in Postmodernity

  1. What about Virtual Identity in Postmodernity? I wonder, out loud, if our online identities transcend our real lives which is why I suggested virtual. Thoughts?

  2. @Nancy Rubin, Ph.D.

    Nancy, thank you for your comment! I like the Virtual element. In a way, it invites me to consider:
    (Virtual) Identity in Postmodernity

    I think this online does transcend, in some similar ways and in some very different ways. Will play around with this while on the way to the office today.

    Where does your virtual identity exist?


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