Foundations of Communities of Practice Workshop – Tonight!

foundations of CoP So, tonight begins CPsquare’s Foundations of Communities of Practice workshop. I have thought about taking this before, but neither the time nor the funding was flowing easily, so what better time than the present?!

I will be in the capable hands of Etienne Wenger, the CoP (Communities of Practice) guru, John D. Smith, a community coach and technologist with whom I have worked before, and Bronwyn Stuckey, an educational researcher and online facilitator whose navigation of time and space amazes me. I have read about and studied CoP for some time now, though really like the idea of focusing on it as an experience in itself.

As my doctoral program at Lancaster University is focused around the CoP (network learning) model, and as my recent research uses CoPs as the theoretical framework, I thought that spending some time with colleagues who have related interests may be a good experience.

Wonder what I will learn over the seven weeks, and how my own learning framework may develop . . .

6 thoughts on “Foundations of Communities of Practice Workshop – Tonight!

  1. Hi Jefffrey
    This sounds fascinating, hope you’ll enjoy it. I met Etienne Wenger at AoIr’s IR9.0 in Copenhagen last year and remember the packed session. I just see that your next step is blind peer review – another exciting thing to do, I find. Hope all is going well – and see you very soon at IR10.

  2. I am sure you will learn a lot. It’s a great group to be around with.
    I might join the next edition of the course.
    I have finally decided on my research topic and am now trying to put the Ethical approval together…hence not much time.
    But I just wanted to say that your blog is quite inspiring and I admire all your enthusiasm. That is what I, as a PhD student, need to keep me going in this interesting, yet sometimes stressful, learning journey.
    Keep blogging and all the best with your PhD.
    Next time you are in Lancaster, let us know… I am just in Manchester…not that far

  3. @Cristina Costa

    Planning to go to Lancaster again in March, with a trip to Scotland on the way. Are you chatting about your topic or research anyplace we can see? While you are certainly further along than I am, I have found it so valuable to get feedback and support out here, often in the most unlikely of locations.

    The best for your ethical approval. Very interested to hear more . . .

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