Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-09-07

  • We saw a bear last night at 3:30 am in our driveway. It was tremendous. #
  • RT @marciamarcia: 1000 Twitter resources on one list. Is that a X-)? Too many for 1 sitting, that’s for certain. #
  • Anybody know any apps to see if people followed in Facebook are on Twitter? #
  • Back to my analysis of my reasearch findings. #
  • Back to my analysis of my research findings. #
  • Back to my analysis of my research findings. #
  • Anybody out there use DISQUS? Is it similar to BackType? #
  • RT @mikhailg: RT @mscofino Student Blogging Guidelines: Created by elementary students, applicable to all grade levels! #
  • Just ate open turkey sandwiches for dinner. Now, back to writing. #
  • Looking at the cover for the Supertramp Breakfast in America album. Recall the Towers there. Still sensitive they are gone. #
  • Looking out the window, I smile as I see a tufted titmouse at the feeder First time seeing one in years. #
  • I am starting to be aware of how important music is in my life. #
  • Taking a break from writing up my research. What fun, inside and surrounded by book, when it is so beautiful outside this holiday weekend. #

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