Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-08-13

  • Had a really in depth project workgroup meeting this morning. #
  • About to attend Advanced Fire Safety Training. #
  • 2 new comments on “Silence and Voice” and more #
  • My Garmin was updating and installing all night. Seems strangely inefficient for a new GPS piece of hardware. #
  • I am downloading the Garmin maps update for my nuvi. 2.02 GB. Never seen such a large file download. #
  • Just attached my new Garmin to my computer. They really do not have the best end user instructions. #
  • Protector of traditional marriage Doug Manchester leaving wife of 43 years #
  • and transcription. Lots of transcription. #
  • Trying to clean up some email so I can work on some consulting work. #
  • In the mood for some popcorn. #

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