Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-08-09

  • Harry Potter had wonderful special effects, though it was surprisingly slow at times. #
  • At the theatre in line before Harry Potter. The fellow working the popcorn is moving in slow motion. #
  • Listening to the radio at home, and heard there was a plane and helicopter collision over the Hudson River. #
  • Enjoyed a 3 hour bike ride; joined the group Time’s Up at Houston and rode up Park to 48th. 2 bikes had large stereos with great music. #
  • Enjoyed a 3 hour bike ride. Joined the group Time’s Up and rode from Houston Street up to Park and 48th, with music on bikes along the way. #
  • Biking with a Pug #
  • Odd Buildings on the Lower FDR in NYC #
  • Saw the abandoned Fulton Fish Market. Wonder why is is literally closed and abandoned? Would make good condo space or perhaps park space. #
  • Resting in the shade of the Brooklyn Bridge. Never knew the river bank under it was sandy. #
  • Going for a bike ride this morning. Down the West side and around the tip of Manhattan (which does NOT have a bike lane . . . Rrrrrrr). #
  • Judge Sonia Sotomayor was sworn in this morning. Congratulations to her and to us. #

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