Potential Participants and Informed Consent

I am speaking with 5 potential participants for my research project right now, navigating the process of scheduling days and times. This should not be such a big issue, but I have 5 weeks to complete and submit this research. Thus, interviews need to occur this week since I need time to transcribe and analyze my data (not to mention analyze the written accounts as well, as I am engaging in narrative inquiry).

I have my informed consent form, though am tweaking it to include the questions I will ask. I have a few back-up and unrelated questions already, though will use them only if there is time and the other process is faster than expected (they may serve as feelers for possible future research). Hoped to have the consent sent by yesterday, though too many errands around the house (since it rained this week and is pouring out now, with yesterday being the ready-or-not day for outdoor work).

Surprised how much I am enjoying doing this research.

2 thoughts on “Potential Participants and Informed Consent

  1. @Nellie Deutsch

    Really, I was approved for only 2! To be fair (and for full disclosure!), this is for one of my learning modules, and not for the dissertation (which I think yours may be for?).

    I found some great phone recording hardware, which I am planning to discuss tomorrow.

    Thank you for the comment!


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