Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-06-18

  • Anybody know about the Networked Learning Conference next year? #
  • Has anybody ever been able to figure out how to use FaceBook groups? Without notifications, what is the point? #
  • Just got paper advertisement from Edward Tufte. Anybody ever used his books? They are quite $$$ to order without a reference. #
  • Business Week just won’t stop. Keep getting new subscription emails . . . do they have anybody working with their customer service? RRRRRR #
  • Unsubscribed from DPE, Personal Democracy Forum, SAP, SUN, GoToMyPC, and on and on. Remember the days when getting lots of email was cool? #
  • Hmm, I am increasingly interested in performance ethnography, so perhaps will blog with that in mind for a nice change? No better time . . . #
  • Business Week has the worst email unsubscription process I have experienced. HORRIBLE. Will let my print subscription expire because of it. #
  • Unsubscribe and clean up my email. SHRM, American Airlines, Zagat, Business Week, good-bye! Away with your clutter!!! #
  • I have also concluded that NING is more work than it is worth; a strike against its unusability. Unsubscribing from NING groups, too. #
  • It has finally happened; I am receiving so many email newsletters and alerts that I can no longer function. Unsubscribing from all of them. #
  • I need some caffeine. #

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