Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-05-10

  • Cold, dark, and windy outside in the Catskills now. Feels more like November than May. Even have the heat on. #
  • Just reinstalled the BlackBerry Facebook app. While a good app, I wish it showed the News Feed. #
  • Seems there was something wrong with MyFlicr. Not sure if I have it working now, as adding it did not add a new post to my wall. #
  • Very severe storm outside right now. #
  • Thunder and lightning outside. Glad I am able to work with wifi, at least for now. #
  • I hate FaceBook. #
  • My FaceBook Recent Activity does not appear to be posting on my own News Feed. Help?! #
  • NOAA warning about a severe thunder storm crossing the Catskills. 60 MPH wind and moving at 55 MPH. Think may miss us. #
  • Wish I could figure out how to get my Flickr pictures to show on Facebook. It is completely beyond me . . . #
  • Have been toying with getting Depeche Mode tickets; though hate the silly extra fees. #
  • Have been trying to focus on one of the three research projects due in the next two weeks, but little luck this afternoon. #

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