Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-12-30

  • Reviewing books for a professional organization this morning. #
  • Could not sleep much last night; just tossed and turned. #
  • Odd that the Facebook notifications I received and deleted from my Blackberry were still downloaded when I finally got Outlook to work. #
  • Seems we have Internet access at home again (finally). Now, to just get the wifi working again. #
  • At the Jack Spade store on Bleecker. Yes, the same one I did not like yesterday. #
  • Have to get another prescription for the condition on my hand. Hope the insurance covers it. #
  • The orchid that has been on my desk for the past 3 years has bloomed for the first time. It is quite beautiful. #
  • 106.7 Lite FM is back to light music. Wish I could get my Sirius at work — they still have their 3 Christmas stations. #
  • There are more people in the office today than I thought there would be. #

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