Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-11-24

  • Ate mac and cheese at the British restaurant, Tea and Sympathy. Topped it off with Christmas Pudding and brandy butter. Yummm. #
  • In the office and noticed 106.7 is now playing their 24 hours of Christmas music. Sweet. #
  • @jennhienrichs Interestingly, I seem to recall it later this year. Perhaps with such a mess in the economy, we can all use some cheer. #
  • @nealcross Thank you for the recommendation. Just bought an Airport Express as I am using a PC and a Mac. Best Buy was not terribly helpful. #
  • @abalone Cable companies are a case study in how deregulation did not benefit consumers. #
  • @clintlalonde Thank you for the Christmas music link! #
  • The office was suddenly silent (apart from my desk radio with Christmas music, that is). #
  • Have been drowing in evidence-based practice research this afternoon. #

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