Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-11-23

  • The ornament and book signing at Saks today turned out rather well. I hope that bodes well for the economy this holiday season. #
  • Spencer just had his surgical drain tubes removed. The surgeon said he is recovering very well. Have to schedule to remove the stitches. #
  • @qadmon These things never occur at a convenient time. #
  • @qadmon Very true. Sounds explosively awful. #
  • @nycrican2 Thank you; if only I were married!!! #
  • Am waiting for the cable guy. About to switch to a cable modem. #
  • @RobinYap What does that mean? #
  • RCN cable just called and said they are out of wireless modems, so no install today. Inefficient to call on the day of the appointment. #
  • Frustrated with RCN cable. How can they run out of equipment and not notify me before the day of the appointment?! #
  • Cable man showed up anyway and attached cable Internet access. He suggested we buy our own wireless router. #
  • Off to Best Buy for a wireless router. Wonder which one I should get? #

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