Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-11-17

  • @bgilgoff I like the turtles on your blog’s home page. What do they signify for you to place them there? #
  • @betsyweber I love the cookie as well, Betsy. #
  • Taking a break with Twitter. Just worked with some students with APA formatting and then back to a consulting project. #
  • @bgilgoff May it continue to remind you and not become another piece of wallpaper in our lives! #
  • @SarahStewart I am being to the letter with APA formatting and references. APA 5 is 10 years old, so some of their formatting feels dated. #
  • @marciamarcia Very smart. Those investments never go out of style. #
  • @coolcatteacher I have tried Diigo, but just never got into it . . . #
  • @cshirky Try pair networks. Rock solid. #
  • @dianadell Thank you for spending in a very patriotic way. That is what we said when people visited NYC after 9/11; thank you for helping! #
  • Finished consulting and teaching work for the night. Now, a little heavy-duty research. Where can I find that Joint Commission report? #
  • Monday morning already. #
  • Nearing the end of a very detailed literature review for a work project. #

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