Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-11-16

  • Finishing coffee and about to begin working. Today is catch-up day. Consulting. Teaching prep. Emails. Even #multimembership! #
  • Have been working all day. Need some fresh air, so will run a few quick errands. #
  • Waiting in line at Magnolia Bakery for cake. Feel like a tourist on this ridiculous line outside in the cold. #
  • Annoying tourists making noise behind me. Away with you all! #
  • Still on line. Hope they have carrot cake. What’s Up, Doc? #
  • Line is not moving. Have these people never seen cupcakes before?!?! #
  • Cold and windy out here. Interestingly, there are still leaves on the trees here in NYC. #
  • Almost to the door. #
  • Not sure if I should feel special I am so close or pathetic I waited at all. I need an assistant. #
  • Ahh, two away from the door. People are taking photos of the door at Magnolia. Goodness!!! #
  • After all that, I now have Magnolia cake. AND YOU DON’T!!! #

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